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We are Internal Medicine specialists based in Port Hope, Ontario, Canada. We see patients in-person and virtually.

Phone: (289) 207-3200
Fax: (855) 755-7771
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About IMCare

We are dedicated to providing our patients with the highest quality of care possible.

Specialist Care: IMCare’s Specialists are dedicated to providing patients with continuous and comprehensive care. They address a wide range of health concerns, from acute illnesses to chronic conditions, and work closely with their patients to develop personalized care plans.

Specialist Referrals: When patients require specialized care, IMCare’s network of skilled specialists ensures that they receive the best possible treatment. .

Telemedicine: In an effort to make healthcare more accessible, IMCare offers telemedicine services that allow patients to consult with their healthcare providers remotely. This convenient service is available for a wide range of non-emergency conditions and follow-up appointments.

Preventive Care: IMCare is committed to promoting preventive care. Their proactive approach helps patients maintain their health and avoid potential health issues.

Diagnostic Services: IMCare’s state-of-the-art diagnostic facilities provide patients with accurate and timely results, ensuring the appropriate management and treatment of medical conditions. Their diagnostic services include Cardiac Ultrasound (Echocardiography), Cardiac Stress Testing, Holter Monitoring, Ambulatory Blood pressure Monitoring, Allergy Patch Testing, and Ankle Brachial Index.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Words from our Patients

Our words cannot express our faith and trust in you as a doctor.

- B.C. (patient)

It is a joy to visit your clinic to be greeted by doctors and staff with such peace, caring, concern, compassion, courtesy and loving friendliness, and smiles that go miles

- B.R. & E.R. (patients)

Thank you for sharing your time, knowledge, experiences and personal insights with me over the past several weeks. With your mentorship I feel that I have become much more confident in my interactions with patients. Thank you for challenging and encouraging me

- D.T. (medical student)

Your staff is more friendly, positive and cheerful than I have experienced with most health-helpers. Even though busy, they seem to actually be present - a great quality.”

- W.M. (patient)

Thank you so very much for your attentive and compassionate care regarding my recent health issue. You went above and beyond in expediting a resolution to my dilemma and I am most grateful.

- F.C. (patient)

I was admitted through Emergency with a TIA, and in retrospect, I could not have possibly received better care anywhere, both then and subsequently. Dr. Bhargava and his highly qualified and dedicated group have all made every effort to keep me available for future years, and I am very appreciative.

- H.M. (patient)

I'd like to say a HUGE thank you for your compassion, your dedication, and your kindness. You have truly changed my life and set me on the proper path in my wellness journey.

- J.C. (patient)